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The Ultimate

Dinner Buffets Every Saturday

Tandoori Feast Announces Two Dinner Buffets Every Saturday

Serving authentic Pakistani/Indian halal food. Enjoy 25+ items and experience dining like no other.

Starter: Gol Gappay, Boondi Chaat, Samosas and French Fries 

Salad: Russian Salad, Onion Salad, Green Salad, Olive and Pickels, and various sauces.

Rice: Chicken Biryani/Veal Pulao, Plain Rice

BBQ: Chicken and Beef Kabab, Tikka Boti

Main Course: Fresh Ontario Goat Curry, Chicken Karahi, Veal Korma/Achaar Gosht, Nihari, Haleem, Fish Fry, Mix Daal/Veg/Chaney & Halwa Puri

Dessert: Kheer/Custard/Firni, Gulab Jaman/Sweet, Baklava, Cake/Brownies

Naan: Tandoori Naan

Drink: Welcome Drinks and Soft Drinks

delicious halwa puri


Weekends Special, Halwa Puri Breakfast

Halwa Puri is a unique comfort breakfast style you can find among Pakistani and Indian cuisines. Halwa Poori is a combination platter consisting of soft flaky poori (fried lightweight bread), Suji ka Halwa which is a dessert made of semolina, Channa masala, and Aloo Ki Bhujia (Potato Curry).

Weekend Brunch Buffet
Every Saturday and Sunday

GTA’s most Delicious Breakfast and Brunch. Tandoori Feast now offers traditional Pakistani Halwa Puri Nashta and Brunch every Saturday & Sunday from 11am – 2 pm.

We offer Halwa, Kheer, Chaney, Aaloo, Qeema, Biryani, Nihari, Goat Paya, Yogurt, Pickles, Naan, Puri and Tea.


For the finest catering, you’ve come to the right place. Tandoori Feast offers a wide range of options when it comes to selecting the perfect menu.

All selections can be prepared for your events by our talented staff. You can choose from buffet style, homestyle, or personalized one. We are accepting catering orders for all your events with a commitment to serving hot and delicious food.

From 13.99$



Butter Chicken is one of our restaurant’s signature dishes. The Butter Chicken is prepared in a buttery gravy with the addition of cream giving the curry sauce a silky-smooth rich texture. It has its own unique taste.

From 5.99$



From 8.99$


Special chicken wrap makes a light lunch that’s ready in 15-20 minutes! The wrap filled with chicken/ beef, loads of greens, and special sauces is a fusion of flavors.